Quick take

  • Rapidly increasing demand for housing, especially low-income
  • City has policy proposals waiting to be enacted
  • Current policy-making inadequate to the task

Summary of ideas from Councilor McEachern

  • City must be proactive
  • Pursue development project with Portsmouth Housing Authority (PHA)
  • Carry out updated needs assessment
  • Blend affordable and market-rate housing to build community
  • 600+ people of PHA waiting list (May 2021)

2016 Findings of City’s former Housing Committee

In 2016, almost 400 citizens responded to a survey. They left the City government in no doubt about how they saw, and still see, the need to develop workforce housing. Here’s one crucial piece of their input. Over 80% of participants want to see a strong or bold response to the issue.


The Housing Committee presented draft recommendations to the Council and City Manager:

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