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I am a dedicated individual with a diverse background. I served my country during the Vietnam war and then attended Boston University, where I studied science and computer technology. Throughout my career, I have contributed my skills and passion to various roles, each allowing me to grow and make a positive impact on the community. My commitment to service and my love for preserving history have been constants in my professional life. As a Park Ranger for the Boston National Historical Park, I developed a deep appreciation for preserving our nation's historical landmarks. This role instilled in me the values of preservation and education, which have remained at the core of my professional pursuits.

I moved to Portsmouth to assume the role of Associate Director at Strawbery Banke Museum. Here, I honed my leadership skills, overseeing the museum's operations and fostering a sense of historical appreciation among visitors. I then wanted to use my computer skills and accepted a position at Phillips Exeter Academy as a Systems Administrator. In this role, I maintained the faculty, students and the administrative computers and networks. Seeking a more meaningful role, I joined Odyssey House to provide technical support to the five recovery programs across southern New Hampshire.

In the early 90’s, I founded Data Archive LLC, a business that provided data security through off site backup and technical support. I ran this company for 25 years. Beyond my professional pursuits, I actively engaged in community service, joining The Rotary and local boards such as Prescott Park Arts Festival, Crossroads House, and the Feminist Health Center. Additionally, I dedicated my time to preserving our city's heritage, serving as a member of the Historic District Commission for seven years and as chair for five terms. Currently, I am honored to represent the people of Portsmouth on the City Council, a role I am seeking re-election for. I am committed to enhancing the quality of life in our city, advocating for responsible governance, and championing community initiatives that bring about positive change. In summary, my journey has been marked by a dedication to community service, a commitment to preserving history, and a passion for community engagement. I look forward to continuing to serve and make a meaningful impact on our beautiful city of Portsmouth.
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Why I'm Running

Why I am running

 I came to Portsmouth for a job 38 years ago and never left. Why? Not only did I find a great place to work but also a community that shares my values. These values include love of arts and culture, promoting ethnic and racial diversity, supporting education and investing in City assets such as green spaces, roadways, city services and celebrations.

 My commitment to community volunteerism reflects my values and leadership skills. I have served on Boards as both a member and, in multiple instances, became the Chair of the board.

For the past two years I have served on the ultimate Portsmouth board, the City Council.

 I currently represent the City Council on the Economic Development Commission, the Pease Development Authority, the Governance Committee, the Safe Water Advisory Group, and the Blue Ribbon Committee to create a Portsmouth public/private archival facility.

 I am running for re-election to continue to work on our community’s development and growth. Portsmouth is not the same city I came to 40 years ago – nor should it be. I believe that the challenge facing our City is to manage the changes ahead without losing our shared commitment to history and economic vibrancy.

We have the opportunity to address the need for affordable housing, managing increased traffic, providing sufficient quarters for our police force, among other issues that impact Portsmouth citizens. I look forward to continuing to work with you on these issues.

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A comprehensive housing market study for the Portsmouth Housing Authority identified unmet demand for more than 3,000 additional housing units in our city, mostly for rental units. The study also pointed out that almost 50% of Portsmouth residents live in rented homes. Renters effectively pay a share of the owner’s property taxes. But while property owners, especially those in desirable parts of the city, have benefitted from astonishing and unprecedented increases in their home equity, renters — through no fault of their own — have not shared in the wealth creation. Just the opposite, in fact: as rents and the cost of living rise steadily, renters are more cost-burdened every year. You aspire to represent this huge constituency.

Question #1: How should the city address the specific needs of renters?
I think there are multiple ways to do this. We can strengthen affordable housing policies to foster additional below market rate housing. We can do this through additional incentives for developers. Also incentives for energy net zero buildings would reduce renter’s utilities costs and expand the assistance programs for elderly renters on fixed incomes. I would add that the City has the responsibility to ensure that rental units are up to code, safe, safe and well maintained. Creating multi-year leases help renters through fluctuating economies.

The next generations will either benefit or suffer from the policies we enact today regarding climate change, sustainable practices, and the move away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Question #2: Do you accept that urgent measures are required and, if so, how aggressive should the city be in addressing the crisis?
I think Portsmouth should aggressively work toward reducing carbon emissions. The City can set an example by using renewable energy in its buildings, planning conversion to electric vehicles and incorporating solar and wind generation. Along with being an example our ordinances should require solar panels on large flat roof buildings. We should create intra-city electric public transportation and increase the availability of charging stations on the perimeters of the downtown. Obviously we have to facilitate coastal residents protect their property from global ocean rise through assisting with the permitting process. Portsmouth should take the lead in collaborating with our regional neighbors in creating a sustainability plan that goes beyond our borders.

Records show that the top complaint from Portsmouth neighborhoods for decades has been drivers speeding on their streets. The city has begun implementing traffic calming measures. Changes to infrastructure are the single most effective way to address the issue. Drivers often object at first, but the measures have proven effective. At the same time, the city is doing more to accommodate residents who would rather walk or bike.

Question #3: What kinds of initiatives would you support that further calm traffic and make more of Portsmouth safer for residents on foot or bike?
Complete Streets concepts should be implemented wherever possible. Continued focus on well designed bike lanes and safe walkways are imperative to pedestrian safety. The continued use of a speed calming infrastructure and policing is important and the flashing crosswalks provide for much safer street crossings. In the downtown, the ratio of sidewalk to street should be changed to provide wider sidewalks and through traffic be routed away from Market Square. I would support having two way traffic on State Street to accomplish this. Encouraging increased bike sharing facilities throughout the City and secure bike rack can facilitate fewer people in cars.